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Traffic Tickets

Almost everyone who drives a car in New Orleans has encountered traffic tickets. Traffic tickets happen, even to the most careful of drivers. Frequent problems can arise after receiving traffic tickets, be it missed court appearances or the inability to convince authorities that you should not have received a traffic ticket.

Consequences for missing traffic court appearances include attachments or warrants being issued for your arrest and contempt costs being added to the overall costs associated with the offense. As a former prosecutor of traffic offenses and occasional Traffic Hearing Officer in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Ryan Cox has vast experience and knowledge of the procedures and policies of the traffic courts of the greater metro New Orleans area and can assist those presented with these all too familiar problems.

The assistance of an attorney knowledgeable about traffic tickets, the responsibilities for those who received same, and the consequences for failing to meet those responsibilities should be paramount when dealing with these situations. Often, folks find themselves in what appear to be serious difficulties with the traffic courts around New Orleans, and an experienced attorney can help. Call for a free consultation if you have received a traffic ticket, missed a court date for an older traffic ticket, or just need someone to look at your situation and offer professional counsel in resolving traffic issues.

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