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Sometimes people just can’t make it to court when they are supposed to. Sometimes, they just forget. The result is that the court will issue an attachment for your arrest for failing to appear as required. If you have missed a court date (or several), an attorney with knowledge of the court system can assist you in dealing with the ramifications.

You do not need to wait to be arrested. Acting immediately may spare you that consequence, as well as additional financial obligations to the courts. A court may issue an attachment for missing a court appearance or merely missing a payment toward an obligation already owed to the court. Either way, action is paramount, as waiting will only result in further hardship.

Frequently, something as simple as a traffic ticket can become something far more significant when the recipient of the ticket neglects to appear as required or fails to act in accordance with the court’s wishes. As a Traffic Hearing Officer in Jefferson Parish, Ryan Cox has seen thousands of folks who have suffered serious consequences from simple problems. Let his experience go to work for you.

If you have an attachment outstanding, or believe you may, call for a free consultation. The time and money you could save will be worth it.

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